Morning Show Philosophy

My goal for  Mornings is to be the best friend of the listener.  Mornings should be made up of a Ying and Yang…the positives, the negatives, and the balance that fits between them.  It’s that balance that appeals to the listener, lending itself to her/his lifestyle, feelings, opinions, and surroundings. I strive to enlighten their thoughts, their day, and their outlook on the world. This is accomplished by a combination of “press the flesh” and several assets;

 Interesting content:  Not just paper, TV, Pop Culture and Prep Services – but being out in the community and experiencing what makes the area buzz.  This ability to relate is what makes it real…for the morning team and the listener. “Live the demo”.

 Comedy:  Make someone laugh, and you have the chance to brighten his or her day.  I accomplish this through variety of elements. Characters/voices, bits, phone calls and listener interaction, song parodies, spoof commercials and simple spontaneity between the hosts and the listener. I believe if the listener starts her day with a laugh, it sets the positive pace for their day and can serve as a stress reliever.

 Ability to relate:  I believe this is the most important element for a successful morning show. Being able to listen and respond, enlighten, give advice, have fun and still provide the satisfaction a listener wants or needs. In return, I’m able to learn from our listener and they from me.

The right combination of a morning show/team’sYing & Yang should entertain the listener and give the balance that they need to get through their day and come back for more! My Morning Show will give the listener what they have been waiting for!


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